Hi, I’m Ethelle

Let me help you come back to moving with ease and grace whilst reducing aches and pains. Practicing Feldenkrais leads to a path of learning, awareness and renewed freedom of movement.


About me

I’m a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® practitioner and teacher. This means I help people who come to me with physical problems and pain to get better through one-on-one treatments and I also help people ease pain and improve their ability to move in group lessons.

Ethelle with Group

Before training as a Feldenkrais practitioner nearly a decade ago, I worked as a corporate account manager in several international banks and an insurance company. I hold a B.A. in Economics and an M.A. in Finance from Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland. I also have an Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management form Northwestern University, USA.

My decision to switch from the corporate world to Feldenkrais was based on my love of movement which I have developed all my life, starting with dance, which I still practice today, all through the practice of bioenergy movement classes and the practice of mindfulness. I found Feldenkrais to be the only movement practice with the depth to improve not only my movements but also to get rid of my chronic back pain. After the birth of my first child, and a somewhat botched Epidural, I was left with limitations in the movements of my lower limbs and severe lower back pain. The pain become chronic and after trying several methods such as Yoga and Pilates I finally found Feldenkrais. Not only did my pain go away, it is still gone!

My aim as a Feldenkrais teacher is two-fold. Firstly, I do my utmost to help the students feel comfortable in my class, physically and emotionally. I try and assist the students in transferring from the outside world to the inside world, the world of our bodies, the world of the present moment.


Secondly, I try to assist my students in trusting their own perceptions, their own bodies more. I try to support them in identifying and ceasing movements that no longer feel good. Most importantly, I want them to trust themselves more; there is always another way. The more the student trust that she can solve her own (physical) problems, the more she can gain control and actually solve those problems on her own! Ultimately, the student does not need the teacher anymore.

In one-on-one treatments, called Functional Integration®, I have helped people improve their mobility from many complex backgrounds: such as chronic back pain, slipped discs, fibromyalgia, sciatica and more (see my recommendations). I have also worked with many individuals on a weekly basis for many years, to improve and maintain their movement functionality.
In group lessons, called Awareness through Movement®, I am able focus on each individual and the unique history of their bodies. I notice limitations and make sure the person does not use unnecessary effort and enjoys the process of learning and increasing their abilities. Over the years, I have taught thousands of Feldenkrais® lessons to hundreds of students and my aim is to share the essence of the wonderful Feldenkrais method with you.



Ethelle, a teacher of the Feldenkrais method, has been taking care of my husband on a weekly basis for five years. Despite his advanced age and difficulties with mobility, he manages to renew himself literally every meeting with Ethelle, who is not only a movement teacher but a person who mentally supports the patient and therefore my infinite appreciation and full gratitude to Ethelle.

Sarah B., WhatsApp 23.10.22

Ethelle, every lesson of yours is a continuous celebration, no lesson is like another. Your personal attitude to everyone is above and beyond what is expected. You are a source of joy for us to come to your classes. You are one of a kind. As per my experience with other classes and other teachers I can say that we really appreciate you.

Thalia, WhatsApp, 25.07.22