Every week I will post a new lesson on my video library so that you can enjoy the benefits of these movement exercises that include gentle and deep movements made with focus and awareness. In addition, you will get regular news and updates on my blog, sourced from the most recent scientific research on topics relating to the optimal functioning of the body.


My newest lesson, a student favourite, involving rolling movements from lying on the abdomen to the side, and from the lying on the back to the side. These movement also involve a lot of balancing which strengthens coordination and the core musculature of the body.
This is an intermediate lesson, at just over 20 minutes.

Shoulder Stretch

This lesson opens and stretches your shoulders, your chest and those hard to reach, and often tight, vertebrae between your shoulder blades. After this lesson your breathing is fuller and deeper and the mobility of your shoulders and spine is improved. It is longer than the previous lessons, at around 40 minutes, and is recommended for beginners and those at an intermediary level.

Hip Joints

This lesson has two parts. The first takes only 15 minutes and helps you discover where exactly your hip-joints are and how to loosen them so that the rotation of your legs improves. In the second part, you deepen the movement and rotation of the hip-joints. Also, you may experience how much the movements of the pelvis and the rib-cage are inter-dependent and affect each other.

Double spine rotation

Description: In this 25 minute lesson learn how to improve the rotation of the upper end of your spine and then the lower end of the spine. You do this by moving your shoulder girdle and your pelvis and legs in different directions. Eventually you will experience a deep yet gentle double rotation of the spine which frees tension in those hard-to-reach vertebrae and ribs of your upper and middle back.

Unstable Human Body

In this short 10 minute Video you can learn about the inherent instability of the human body. Get to know your base of support in different positions and learn about our center of gravity. Try it out and feel how the laws of Physics influence you.

Shoulder relief

Targeted relief specifically for the shoulders in this lesson. Finally get to loosen all the tension in your shoulders, shoulder blades and chest, in under 25 minutes. This video is for all levels.

From lying to sitting

How to come from lying down to sitting up and from sitting to lying down repeatedly without getting tired. In just over 20 minutes learn what the stages in this transition are and find your way to keep making it easier. The more you know how, the better the movement becomes.

Spine Twist

This 25 minute lesson for all levels creates a repeated spine twist and release. It softens and mobilizes the joints between the vertebrae. It mobilizes and opens the ribcage and releases the pelvic and sacral area.

Release tension in office chair

Find out how to relax, sit better and breathe better in your office chair.
In a few minutes relieve tension in your lower back, abdomen and neck.

Upper and lower back rotation

This 30 minute beginner/intermediate Feldenkrais lesson works deeply on different areas of the spine, stretching and opening between the vertebrae. The lesson is done mostly on the back, with one segment done lying on the stomach. As a result you feel more freedom and mobility in your spine, thorax, neck and ribs.

Stand up with ease

This 10-minute video will teach you how to stand up easily from a chair whilst using the physical forces impacting your body to your advantage. It also contains some tips on how to sit on chair with correct skeletal alignment. When the skeleton does the job of bearing your weight, the muscles do not need to work unnecessarily.

Spinal Rotation and Elongation

A 15-minute lesson with gentle movements that travel through your entire skeleton and soften the joints. In this lesson you will experience rotation of the spine, both to the right and to the left. Moreover, the spine gets stretched in a gentle way relieving tension.

Better Sitting in 10 Minutes

In this 10-minute video you learn how to improve your sitting using the laws of biomechanics. Using these basic rules your learn what to pay attention to when you are sitting so that you can sit comfortably for a long time.

Ease chronic back pain

This 15-minute video is aimed at people with chronic and/or severe back pain. It works using targeted breathing techniques and minimal movements in the lumbar area. In this video you also learn how to use a deflated ball, which when placed under your lower back, functions like a soft disc releasing pressure and pain in the lower back.