How are the lessons structured?

The lessons are gentle and easy to follow. Their aim is to make sure you are comfortable so that your body and your brain can be at ease while learning. Quite quickly, you will feel improvements in the fluidity of your movements. Your chronic pain will be reduced.
A Feldenkrais lesson starts with a brief meditation which allows you to notice what you are feeling in the moment. At the end of the lesson, you do another short meditation to see what has changed, what feels different. You may start to notice small changes: a release in your musculature, a feeling of weight, of increased length. The way your body touches the floor may be different. You may feel a change in your breathing, which may be freer, deeper. Feeling yourself more clearly brings you to the present. Your sense of self changes and improves.

By joining a group class you will follow verbal instructions which will guide you through a series of movements which are done mostly while lying on the floor. As you do not copy another persons movement you are much freer to explore your own preferences. Sometimes, this can also mean that we meet some of our limitations. In these classes we explore what to do when we meet limitations. Again, if we recognize them we can change them. As we become aware of what is holding us back we can let go of old habits and start adopting new ones that serve us better.

Ethel, a teacher of the Feldenkrais method, has been taking care of my husband on a weekly basis for five years. Despite his advanced age and difficulties with mobility, he manages to renew himself literally every meeting with Ethel, who is not only a movement teacher but a person who mentally supports the patient and therefore my infinite appreciation and full gratitude to Ethel,

Sarah B., WhatsApp 23.10.22

Ethel, every lesson of yours is a continuous celebration, no lesson is like another. Your personal attitude to everyone is above and beyond what is expected. You are a source of joy for us to come to your classes. You are one of a kind. As per my experience with other classes and other teachers I can say that we really appreciate you.

Thalia, WhatsApp, 25.07.22