I have been taking Feldenkrais classes for several years with Ethel. Actually, I learn with Ethel a lot more. It’s a way of life that affects almost everything that I do and not just what has to do with movement. Ethel brings learning to classes that can be applied in many areas: listening, awareness and obviously also movement and healing. I sometimes watch Ethel in class as she helps other people. For example my father who is 89 years old. Every time she puts a hand on him to help him, I see how it benefits and soothes him. Her explanations in class are precise and well directed. She has the ability to internalize what is happening with the students and to refine her explanations accordingly. I feel and think that Ethel has a built-in talent and ability to help and understand people and she is loved and appreciated by her students.

Corinne, WhatsApp 25.07.22