How to come from lying to sitting


This week I uploaded a lesson to my video library which teaches you how to come from lying down to sitting up and from sitting up to lying down repeatedly without getting tired. It teaches you which stages are involved in this transitional movement and how to reverse the movements at each stage.
Transitional movements are movements which bring our bodies to a different orientation; such as coming from lying to sitting, or coming from sitting to standing. These types of movements are bigger than most movements we make, and also require more work of our musculature and involve more parts of our body. Finding a way to coordinate these movements with fluidity gives us back our confidence and prevents pain from arising.
Many people find that over time, these transitions become harder to execute smoothly. They may hesitate a moment before getting up from the sofa or they may experience difficulty getting up off the floor. In the lesson I posted this week you can experience how these transitions contain well defined stages of movement and you can learn what these stages are. This awareness can greatly improve the execution of the movement. As you know more, your nervous system can relax and focus more easily on what comes next. This knowledge and the ability to rely on it when you need it will improve your confidence, the flow of your movements and your balance.