What is strength? Part 3 of 3


As I explained in my two previous blogs, “What is strength part 1 and 2”, people often find it hard to fully release their muscular contractions even when resting. We are frequently unaware of these muscular tensions because they may be minor and we may have become used to them. Generally, we become aware of them when we feel some kind of discomfort or pain. In this context, Dr. Feldenkrais’ quote “we cannot change what we do not know” is highly relevant. To release tension, we must first become aware that there is some tension in our body and the best time to do that is before we feel pain and before the pain becomes chronic.
One of the main focal points in all Feldenkrais lessons is to become aware of what we are feeling in our body at a given moment. This is not difficult to do. We always start and finish a lesson with a screening of our body. This helps us get to know our bodies better even after the lessons are over, so that next time we have that tension in our shoulders we can let go of it consciously. This process of becoming aware and letting go frees up our musculature. We want to know how to use our muscles optimally, that is, when we really need them and not before that or afterwards. If we use our musculature in this efficient way we will have more freedom of movement and more strength.